Guys! (blog members) please read this! :)

So, I think you’re doing a very awesome job and I’m so thankful, I wanna thank every each of you guys for helping me with this blog, you are very awesome and I really need you to know that c:

But now that I see that we have more than 1000 followers I think we should order more our stuff with independent tags and stuff, so there’s gonna be a TAG for gifs and a tag for edits since today :)

  • For Edits ▬ syn: edit
  • For Gifs ▬ syn: gif

Kinda easy, so please guys when you’re gonna post put these tags when you’re gonna post your stuff and also put ” Synyster Gates,Brian Haner Jr, Avenged Sevenfold” as ever.

with love: Tisha ♥

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